Business Opportunity

Get huge income of 140% on package cost.



Starts From

After 250 MGC

After 400 MGC

After 1000 MGC

After 2000 MGV


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5


50 MGC

100 MGC

200 MGC

500 MGC

1000 MGC


70 MGC

140 MGC

280 MGC

700 MGC

1400 MGC


250 MGC

400 MGC

1000 MGC

2000 MGC


Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5


  • You need to start by stage 1, you cannot take participation to other Stags without qualifying previous one
  • After registration you need to request to your Sponsor for Activation your ID. Once you activated you will get link of 70% of your Commitment. For which you will get 48 HRs time to Provide Help. If you are unable to do the commitment within time your ID will exited from system.

Commitment Ratio

70% Primary Commitment (On immediate after ID activation)
30% Final Commitment (On Same Day or immediate 2nd Day excluding holidays)

Sponsor Bonus

You will get 70% of GD when your direct member confirms the final commitment.  

Matching Bonus

  • 1:1 ratio considered
  • * 70% Payment done by downline then up line members will applicable for matching bonus (No need to wait for final commitment)
  • 5% on matching MGC
  • Capping of Package Amount Every Package will different

Terms & Conditions

  • You cannot participate to next stage without qualifying previous one
  • You can transfer your Binary to another Member in his/her cash wallet.
  • Virtual wallet cannot be transferred
  • Quick Look out:
    • Registered -Red ID
    • Confirmed by Sponsor- Yellow ID
    • 70% PH Confirmation -Blue ID (70% Magic Coin Credited to Your Account)
    • After 30% Success of your package - Green ID (70% Magic Coin Credited to Your Account)
    • Recommitment - Pink ID
    • Blocked - Black ID
  • You have 48 Hrs for commitment even you can extend time by requesting your link.
  • When you move to next stage your previous package still valid to get previous income, You have to compulsory recommitment of all ongoing packages.
  • You have 72 hrs time to recommitment your ID and recommitment is compulsory.
  • You must provide help to given lined members in order to stay into the system.
  • In order to get Team Matching Bonus, you must introduce 2 active associates: one in left and another in right.
  • When request to sponsor for activation your Id must have valid bank account with paytm and btc account.
  • Daily closing and auto withdrawal of your binary income whatever generated.
  • To utilize your virtual wallet you have to introduce 2 direct members on any side.
  • Any member fails to pay balance 30% commitment, they will exit from system and 70% fine to applicable sponsor in his/her Virtual Wallet.
  • If you confirm for re-commitment and fail to pay your commitments then also you exit from the system.
  • If you have virtual wallet left you can do next recommitment.
  • If you have virtual wallet balance and if system found that you have not activated 2 members serially then your ID will exited from System.


    Post Designation Pair
    BDO Business Donation Officer 5 Pair
    CDO Chief Donation Officer 25 Pair
    TDM Team Donation Manager 100 Pair Get Report of 15 Days Unqualified ID due to Sponsor
    SDM System Donation Manager 300 Pairs Get Report of 20 Days Unqualified ID due to Sponsor
    CDM Cluster Donation Manager 1000 Pairs Get Report of 30 Days Unqualified ID due to Sponsor (Blocked ID)


Our Concept is not a MLM Business or a Money Rotation Scheme. Whoever, think that Magic Donation's concept is a business or MLM company and thinks only how to earn money here. Please don't participate in our community.

Contact Details

Email: info@magicdonation.net
Website: www.magicdonation.net